The “Shahane” brand created by Marmara GmbH after being inspired by the Far and Middle East, has become one of the most sought-after names on the ethnic market.

With 3 sorts of Basmati and 2 sorts of Jasmin, the „Shahane“ branded rice is offered to consumers in two forms. It offers a product portfolio which is suited to every budget and quality.

Each rice has its own characteristic. For example, Basmati Black is known as 11-21 type rice and its size increases threefold when cooked correctly. The characteristic of the Jasmin rice is that it is aromatic.

It is popularly known as “aromatic rice”.
Both due to its quality and taste and its packaging design, it is often seen on the shelves of Turkish markets.


Shahane Basmati Silver Rice (5kg)
Shahane Jasmin Silver Rice (5kg)
Shahane Basmati Gold Rice (1kg and 5kg)
Shahane Jasmin Gold Rice (1kg and 5kg)
Shahane Basmati Black Rice (1kg and 5kg)

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