The MARMARA GmbH is the company the Turkish firms seek to apply when they want to open up to Europe because of its vast experience and close knowledge in the European markets.

Also, we have a close relationship with Evyap for over 20 years known for its products Duru and Arko among the first 100 largest companies in Turkey. Besides Evyap also, Sütaş, Yudum, Lokmas and Aroma branded products are distributed and sold by MARMARA as the agent in Europe. The MARMARA GmbH serves not only the markets with its brand name products and agent products all over Europe but also as dealers to the European wholesalers internationally.

The MARMARA Group sells groceries and fruits from various countries daily over 500 types thus taking its place among the top wholesale companies in Europe. Thanks to its logistical network it guarantees the freshness and high quality of the products it distributes.

A Full Service Company

In order to reach full satisfaction among customers, the MARMARA GmbH markets to the consumers the products of the producers which are sought and demanded by the final consumers. This way, it preserves its reputation to be the company meeting all the requirements for all types of products demanded by its customers in its sector.

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