MARMARA’s brands have been developed not only to serve the Turkish ethnic market, but also other consumer groups who have Balkan, Middle East or North African background. Although Mediterranean products make up the majority, MARMARA’s unmistakable product range does reach out other European consumers as well. MARMARA seeks to introduce Turkish food to European consumers, giving them a better understanding of its great variety of aromas and recipes.

MARMARA always aims to reach and take into account all our consumer groups’ expectations at a maximum level. Therefore each MARMARA brand targets the needs and demands of a specific group of consumers. They represent different segmentations in the market.

MARMARA is the company's oldest and most prestigious brand. Present in the marketplace for 35 years, MARMARA enjoys 100% brand awareness and pioneer status in the ethno-food sector.

Harika is the company's second brand and is used primarily for special offer goods. Harika enables consumers to get excellent quality at unbeatable prices.

The Zeytuna brand was developed to meet the needs of the catering trade. Zeytuna products are generally produced and sold in containers aimed at bulk consumers. The target group is predominantly made up of commercial consumers such as hotels, restaurants, cafés or caterers.

The Shahane brand is inspired by the wide variety of delights from the Middle and Far East. Since its launch, the Shahane rice products have become quickly established in the ethno-food market thanks to their high quality and unmistakable taste.

The Maroli has been focused on producing and exporting olives in branded and small packagings since the day it was founded. Our olives are carefully selected from various regions of Turkey and processed in our high-tech machinery and equipment.

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