Hüseyin KURU was born in 1954 in Karacahalil village, Malkara-Tekirdağ and came to Düsseldorf in summer 1969 with his family. After completing his vocational training at Daimler-Benz AG Düsseldorf, he attended the Düsseldorf Highschool (Hochschule Düsseldorf) and graduated in 1979 as an Electrical-Electronics Engineer. He worked as Automation Engineer for a short time. In June 1980, he founded MARMARA Import-Export GmbH, a company he had dreamed of during his student years, and started business in Düsseldorf on October 03 of the same year.

At first his brother İbrahim KURU came to Germany to study engineering but he liked trade business more than education and started to work with his older brother. In October 1982 Mustafa KURU and in June 1987 Mülahim KURU joined the team. In 1986 LEKO Import GmbH was founded in Hannover and in 1989 KULE Import GmbH in Frankfurt.

In these years, companies such as the KURULAR KOLL ŞTİ - Tekirdağ, KÖKNAR A.Ş. - İstanbul, ROZET A.Ş. - İzmir, KUPA A.Ş. - İstanbul and KISMET GmbH - Frankfurt, were also established, closed or transferred to third parties; as well as establishing and maintaining a company, it is a skill to liquidate and close it without harming anyone.

MARMARA GmbH, as it adapts to the changing demands of mainly Turkish origin immigrants over the years, has taken the necessary measures to see each economic crisis in advance, has renewed itself by adapting to the changing sociological structure, has provided a continuous growth and has reached the level to be the number one preferred business partner of the leading Turkish brands in food sector to cooperate in the European ethnic market.

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