MARMARA GmbH, thanks to long years of business experience and extensive distribution network, is the first address referenced by companies that want to expand to Europe from Turkey.

MARMARA GmbH, a reliable and powerful partner for companies wishing to expand their boundaries and business volume in the globalized world, selects its partners and products to be introduced to the market meticulously.

Since its existence in the market since 1980, MARMARA GmbH has a high level of brand recognition and has loyal customers for years; thus, it has a facilitating role in entering the market for companies that will operate in the European market.

MARMARA GmbH reaches more than 3,500 markets throughout Europe and has all food products sold in Turkish markets. Each of its branches sells and delivers with its own vehicle fleet in an area of 300 km in its region. The head-quarter at Düsseldorf-Ratingen offers daily delivery services to NRW, Belgium and the Netherlands. At least one pallet (1,000 kg) orders are sent to France and Austria via logistics companies, and we reach consumers in the UK via our representative

With its own fleet and logistics partners, MARMARA GmbH reaches approximately 3,500 customers directly and reaches all regions in Europe through wholesalers; Thanks to its rich product portfolio, even products that are difficult to sell on pallet or parcel basis are mixed with Marmara branded products and delivered to customers in 2,000 km distance in 24 to 72 hours.

Today, MARMARA GmbH, with a total of 200 employees and regional representatives throughout Europe, keeps the pulse of the market, maintains its brand value, has a strong infrastructure, has a high brand value and is preferred by consumers in the first place and has a strong financial structure.

MARMARA GmbH continuously expands its product range in line with market conditions and customer thanks to its customer-oriented growth philosophy, makes investments in line with the aim of institutionalization and continuously improves the building, equipment and personnel working areas.

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