The quality of the product is determined by the location of its production. Not all products grow at all locations or by displaced production food may lose its original nutrition. Our company has been sensitive to natural production and loyal to its consumers from the start of its establishment and takes the health and palatal delight of the consumers to the forefront.

The MARMARA GmbH delivers not only the products but also own production of goods and prepares olives in its own production facilities for years. Our company monitors all production processes and the locations of the products with utmost care. We pay close attention to the location and the type of the products where they flourish the most whatever the cost.

For example; we obtain pistachios from Gaziantep, hazelnuts from Giresun, sunflower oil from Thrace, black olives from Gemlik, red lentils from Mardin, macaroni from Turkey, tea from Sri Lanka and market them through MARMARA GmbH to the consumers in Europe.

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