04 Ekim 2018

Marmara GmbH is a constituent member of European Turkish Businessmen Association (ATIAD). ATIAD feels dedicated to promote the education and training of immigrant-based young people so that they are well prepared in the society they live in. Marmara, as one the first businesses with this choice, has been training young people for more than two decades. Since 2010, the company, together with ATIAD has furthered these attempts under a project with the local government of North Rhein West Phalia. The project is called FIBO and aims to promote vocational orientation. As Minister of State for Migration, Refugees and Integration, Aydan Özoğuz visited Marmara’s headquarters in Ratingen where she gathered with young people and expressed her priority concern on how important it was especially for the immigrant backgrounded young people to get a proper education and attain professional wellbeing.

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